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Abrasive Blasting Services

Gartner Coatings has a vast knowledge base when it comes to abrasive blasting. We understand the importance of matching the proper blasting media and techniques to achieve the desired results. We inventory aluminum oxide, Black Beauty, garnet, steel grit, walnut hull and glass bead to name a few.

Our Houston area facilities are fully equipped to meet your abrasive blasting service needs. However, if you require blasting or shot peening services in the field or at your facility, we can provide it.

Shot Peening Services

Our trained technicians can perform shot peening using a variety of materials such as steel, ceramic and stainless steel shot. This process is utilized on parts such as turbine blades, threads, gears and pipe. The shot peening process relieves stress, reduces corrosion cracking and can produce a non-stick surface.

Specialty Blasting Services

Gartner Coatings can take on specialty blast requirements such as glass frosting and surface conditioning for concrete, marble and granite. We can also blast most any material creating special surface effects such as texturing, shading or carving.

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Seismic cannon sleeves with ceramic shot blast
Seismic cannon sleeves with ceramic shot blast
Blower casing blast cleaned for baked phenolic coating
Turbine rotor blasted with fine mesh garnet blast media
Gear & shaft blasted with fine mesh garnet blast media
Gear & shaft blasted with fine mesh garnet blast media
Aluminum cover blasted with glass bead media
Stainless steel cover polished with glass bead media
Pump Impellers
Pump bowls
Pump Impellers
Blower impellers-blast clean for inspection

I can’t think of another company I would trust to perform field shot peening on our turbine rotors here at G.E. Gartner Coatings has responded quickly to our needs and has provided highest level of service for years.


I would like to acknowledge Gartner Coatings for all the great services they have provided Cameron Aftermarket. Your sales department has been helpful in working with us on major projects to provide and meet our customer’s needs. Your sand blast service is excellent on all sizes of valves, with a quick turnaround. We are very pleased with all of your excellent services provided to us.