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Protective Industrial Coatings Facilities & Test Equipment


Gartner Coatings, a protective industrial coatings applicator, is located on 10 acres in Pearland, TX near State Highway 288, Sam Houston Toll Road (Beltway 8), and I-45 South. See map.


We have a 6,000-square foot office building and approximately 26,000 square feet of indoor blasting and coating space.

Building 1 has a 480-square foot steel grit booth, two paint booths (480 and 320 square feet), a 480-square foot powder coating booth/oven and a 320square foot heater. Additionally, we have a phosphate dipping tank and two blast cabinets. All booths in this building are 40 feet in length except one paint booth which is 20 feet long.

Building 2 is our newest building and has a 480-square foot paint booth, 320 square foot heater capable of achieving 450 degrees F, our environmentally controlled inventory room and staff facilities such as break room and restrooms. Additionally, in this building we have our job board on a 60-inch flat screen TV where our staff can quickly check on the requirements of individual jobs to ensure accurate and timely application. All booths in this building are 40 feet in length.

Buildings 3 and 4 house a 440-square foot garnet blast booth (40 feet long) and a 2,500- square foot wash bay for pressure washing and cleaning of customer’s equipment.

Gartner Coatings also has a 2,400-square foot tent (40’ x 60’) to take care of large jobs that require one stop for blasting and painting.

Gartner Coatings is planning to construct a new fifth building of approximately 12,000 square feet with state of the art painting and blasting equipment. Additionally, this building will have a 50-ton overhead crane for movement of large equipment and space for 18-wheeler delivery and pick up within the building for our customers.

Gartner Coatings Facilities

A list of a few of the pieces of test equipment and tests we run:

  • Low Voltage Holiday Detector
  • High Voltage Holiday Detector
  • Elcometer Test Shims
  • Sling and Electric Psychrometer
  • 2-30x Monocular
  • Decibel Meter
  • Pit Gauge
  • Elcometer Micrometer
  • NACE TM-01-70 Standards
  • Blast Comparator
  • Bresle Test Kit
  • KTA Scat Kit
  • Positest Adhesion Tester
  • Delfesko DFT Thick Mil Gauge
  • Blast Nozzle Orifice Gauge
  • Elcometer Film Gauges
  • Elcometer Took Gauge
  • Elcometer Electric Profile Gauge
  • Pit Gauge
  • Almand Gauge
  • Laser Thermometer
  • Cross Hatch Cutter
  • Elcometer Pencil Hardness Test
  • Portable Black Lights
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We started using Gartner Coatings in 2012 to blast/paint/metallize. They are all a pleasure to work with and do whatever they can to assist with our issues of shop schedules. I would highly recommend them.