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Heat Exchanger Coating Services

Gartner Coatings offers a full line of heat exchanger coating services for internal and external components. Based in the Houston area, we provide commercial and industrial coating services to customers throughout Texas, Louisiana and beyond.

Heat Exchanger Internal Coating

Heat exchanger internal coating provides many benefits including heat transfer properties, corrosion protection and extending run time of the unit. Gartner Coatings applies many of the most popular coatings known in the industry, but are not limited to the ones below:

  • Phenolic linings (Plasite 3070 and Heresite P-403L)
  • Belzona materials (ex: 1321 or 1341)
  • Epoxy systems for NSF approval (ex: Carboguard 891)
  • Chem-line 784-31 and 784-32 for chemical resistance
  • Twin arc metalized hard wire, e.g. nickel, stainless, Inconel 625.
  • Xylan (1000 and 1400 Series)

Heat Exchanger Coating for External Components

Gartner also offers a full range of exterior coatings from thermal spray aluminum to your basic liquid coating systems. These protective coatings help prevent premature failure of heat exchangers due to corrosion and erosion and avoid costly downtime.

Gartner’s lifting capacity is 55,000 lbs. in house, but we do have a laydown area capable of holding and working up to 200,000 lbs.

Exchanger Parts Rebuilt

In addition to protective coating services, Gartner offers the capabilities of rebuilding your worn-out exchanger parts with the use of Belzona 1111 and Enecon materials. This process reduces your downtime in waiting on new part fabrication and gets you back running!

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