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Metalizing Services

Metalizing, or Thermal Spray, is commonly used for long term corrosion protection of carbon steel or concrete structures, e.g. valves, heat exchangers, ISO tanks and process vessels. Gartner Coatings provides metalizing services at our Houston area facilities as well as many customer locations.

Methods of Metalizing

Metalizing is a process that can be applied in three distinct ways. Gartner Coatings specializes in flame spray and twin arc methods. These two methods offer superior protection to liquid applied coatings in areas that have hot and cold cycles or areas that are exposed to high moisture like drift zones from water coolers.

Flame Spray Coating

Flame spray is a technique that has been developed and used for over 100 years. This method utilizes oxygen and a fuel like propylene to create the flame to melt the wire and propel with air to the substrate. This form of metalizing can be shop or field applied with ease and has greater ability for tight areas.

The flame spray coating method is commonly used for thermal sprayed aluminum (TSA), zinc or 85/15 zinc-aluminum wire. Thermal sprayed aluminum is commonly used on items like pipe, valves, exchangers and pumps. Zinc and 85/15 are commonly used on bridges and interiors of ISO tanks for purity of cargos.

Gartner has six state of the art systems with fully trained and certified applicators trained under the Abrasive Products training program.

Twin Arc Spray

Twin Arc is a process that utilizes electricity to melt the wire and utilizes air to propel molten material to substrate. This process has higher bond strength than flame spray due to the temperatures at which the material is melted.

Twin Arc allows you to utilize products like nickel, inconel 625, 316L stainless and many other high-grade alloys for protection on your equipment. This provides protection from not only surface corrosion but also chemical attack from chemical exposure. The interior as well as the exterior can be coated to provide the protection. Gartner utilizes state of the art equipment as well as certified applicators for all your metalizing needs.

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Metallizing an exchanger tube sheet
Exchanger tube sheet
Exchanger tube sheet
Exchanger tube sheet
Exchanger tube bundle
Exchanger tube bundle
Pipe stool
Pipe spool
ISO Container
ISO Container
Silencer component
Silencer component
Exchanger tube bundle before and after metallizing services
Exchanger tube bundle
Concrete columns with Thermal Sprayed Aluminum
Metallized concrete columns

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