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Industrial Powder Coatings

Gartner Coatings offers both thermoset and thermoplastic coatings that are environmentally friendly and economically sound. Our industrial powder coatings offer excellent uniformity, eliminating sags, drip marks, and other surface irregularities.

Powder coatings are available with several certifications including FDA, USDA, and NSF. Epoxies and modified epoxies are specifically designed to protect the I.D. and O.D. of tubular goods from the corrosive environment encountered in the oil and gas industry. Architectural powder coatings have also been developed for the unique requirements of the building products industry.

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Powder Coated Compressor Housing
Pump housing
Pipe spools with industrial powder coating
Pipe spools
Coated Weights for a NASA pool
Weights for a NASA pool
Seismic Cover with powder coating
Seismic Cover
Powder coated ornamental piece
Ornamental piece
Interior lining of high pressure pipe coated
Interior lining of high pressure pipe

Powder Coatings

A list of a few of the manufacturers of powder that Gartner Coatings has applied:
  • 3M Skotchcote
  • Tiger Drylac
  • Cardinal Industrial Finishes
  • Akzo Nobel
  •      Rohm & Haas Corvel
  •      Morton Powder
  • Sherwin Williams
  • PPG
  • DuPont
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